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2019 Adventures

December 28
Bankhead National Forest, AL
Upper Turkeyfoot Creek
Length: 6mi
December 27
Monte Sano State Park, AL
South Plateau Loop, McKay Hollow Trail, Rocky Nightmare Trail, Warpath Ridge, Bucca Family Trail, Fire Tower Trail
Length: 4.75mi
December 7
Bankhead National Forest, AL
no trails
Length: 6mi
November 9
Bankhead National Forest, AL
Kinlock Falls Area
Length: 4mi
November 4
Wildwood Preserve, AL
Wildwood Preserve Loop, Wetland Point Trail
Length: 0.65mi
November 4
Boulder Canyon Nature Area, Library In The Forest, Vestavia, AL
Boulder Canyon Loop
Length: 0.9mi
November 4
Homewood Forest Preserve, AL
Homewood Forest Preserve Trail
Length: 1.65mi
September 8
Bankhead National Forest, AL
Tedford Creek
Length: 7.8mi
October 27
Swan Creek Wildlife Management Area, AL
no trails
Length: 5.25mi
September 8
Clifty Falls State Park, IN
Trail 7, Trail 5, unnamed connector trails to several waterfalls
Length: 1.5mi
September 7
Charleston State Park, IN
Trail 3, Rose Island (Trail 7), Trail 6
Length: 5mi
September 7-8
Deam Lake Recreation Area, IN
Trail 1, Trail 2
Length: 1.25mi
September 6
Barren River State Park, KY
Connell Nature Trail
Length: 1mi
September 6-7
Bailey's Point Recreation Area, KY
C E Rager Trail, Robert Foster Trail
Length: 3.25mi
August 6
Bankhead National Forest, AL
Payne Creek
Length: 2.5mi
July 14
Chattahoochee National Forest, GA
Sosebee Cove, Brasstown Bald, Trackrop Gap
Length: 2mi
Jul 13 Vogel State Park, GA
Lake Trahlyta Trail, Trahlyta Falls Trail, Paddling Lake Trahlyta
1.5 mi (hiking) 1mi (paddling)
Jul 12 Reece Farm & Heritage Center, GA
Poetry Trail, Wildflower Trail
Jul 12 Chattahoochee National Forest, GA
DeSoto Falls Scenic Area, Helton Creek Falls Trail
Jul 11-14 Chattahoochee National Forest, GA
Lake Winfield Scott Recreation Area
1.5 mi
Jun 30 Green Mountain Preserve, AL
Alum Cave Trail, Talus Trail, Three Sisters Loop
2 mi
Jun 13 Triana Landing Trail System, AL
Foster Loop, River Loop, Pumphouse Trail
2 mi
May 9 Montgomery Bell State Park, TN
Ore Pit Trail, Jim Bailey Trail, Creech Hollow Trail
5 mi
April 6 South Cumberland State Park, TN
Foster Falls Small Wild Area, Climber's Loop, Grundy Forest Day Loop
5 mi
Mar 22 Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park, TN
3 Mile Trail, Pafford Wilson Trail
5 mi
Mar 10 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Key Mill Branch
5 mi
Mar 1 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Unnamed Canyon
9 mi
Feb 24 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Upper Turkeyfoot Creek
5 mi
Feb 1 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Sam's Secret Canyon
5 mi
Jan 11 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Turkey Creek/Freeman Hollow
8 mi
Jan 4 Blevins Gap Preserve, AL
Jones Valley Loop Trail
1 mi