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2015 Adventures

...the year in review...
Perhaps the most fun and unusual event of this year was the largest snowfall the area had seen since 2010. It was one of the few times I've had opportunity to hike in snow, and this time, I stealth camped! This was a year of adventure for The Dog Wonder too! We set out on several road trips, exploring odd spots in north Mississippi and later hiking and camping in central Tennessee. Late in the year I took a road trip of my own, heading to the gulf coast for the first time in almost 15 years, hitting up a number of interesting state parks in the panhandle area. The end of the year was capped off with the first hike with good friend Randall in four years, taking a trip down a new trail at Little River Canyon National Preserve.

All Hiking Adventures

[Camping Trips in RED, Cabin stays in BLUE]
Date Preview Locations Length Photos Journal
Dec 31 Harvest Square Nature Preserve, AL
Eagle Trail, Beaver Dam Trail, Senators Trail, Lookout Point Trail, Pete's Trail, Dry Creek Trail
2 mi
Dec 12 Clear Creek Recreation Area, AL
Raven Trail, Bike Trail
5 mi
Dec 5 Moundville Archaeological Park, AL
Douglass Nature Trail, Yaupon Holly Trail
1 mi
Nov 28-29 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Trail 210, off trail on Braziel Creek, Trail 208
15 mi
Nov 8 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Brushy Lake Recreation area south toward Beech Creek
5.75 mi
Oct 10 Little River Canyon National Preserve, AL
Martha's Falls Trail, various overlooks
2 mi
Oct 4 Falling Waters State Park, FL
Sinks Trail, Wiregrass Trail, Terrace Trail
2 mi
Oct 4 Florida Caverns State Park, FL
Caverns Tour, Bluff Trail, Beech/Magnolia Trail, Floodplain Trail
2.5 mi
Oct 3-4 Seminole State Park, GA
Gopher Tortoise Trail
3 mi
Oct 3 Eden Gardens State Park, FL
Gardens Trail, Nature Trail
2 mi
Oct 2-3 Grayton Beach State Park, FL
Grayton Beach Nature Trail, Flatlands Hiking Trail
7 mi
Oct 2 Florala State Park, AL
Lake Jackson National Recreation Trail
2 mi
Sep 20 Cooley Cemetery Trail, TVA Lands, AL
Cooley Cemetery Trail
8 mi
Sep 12 Chewacla State Park, AL
Boy Scout Trail, Troop 30 Trail, Mountain Laurel Trail, Family Connector Trail
2.5 mi
Aug 30 Hays Nature Preserve, AL
Flint Trail, Big Cove Creek Greenway, Duck Weed Basin, Skip Rock Wilderness, 100 Acre Woods Loop, Deer Run Loop, Bobcat Thicket Loop, Tupelo Tree Path, Beaver Dam Run
6 mi
Aug 1-2 Edgar Evins State Park, TN
Marina Trail, Highland Rim Loop Trail, Evins Ridge Trail
5.5 mi
Aug 1 Rock Island State Park, TN
Old Mill Trail, Upstream Trail, Downstream Trail
5 mi
July 4 Stephens Gap Callahan Cave Preserve, AL
unnamed trail
2 mi
June 30 Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge, AL
unnamed trail
1 mi
June 28 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Sipsey Recreation Area, CCC Trail, unnamed trail
3 mi
June 14 U.S. Space & Rocket Center, AL
Rocket Trail
4 mi
May 9 West Blocton Coke Ovens Park, AL
Boardwalk Trail
0.5 mi
Apr 25 Perry Lakes Park/Barton's Beach Preserve, AL
Barton's Beach, Secret Lake Trail, Ridge Trail, Fern Trail
5 mi
Apr 18-19 Buck's Pocket State Park, AL
South Sauty Creek Trail, High Bluff Trail, Lynn Overlook
5 mi
Apr 11 Buck Creek Trail, Alabaster, AL
Buck Creek Trail, Eagle Loop
1.25 mi
Mar 21 Tombigbee State Park, MS
Tree Trunk Trail
2.4 mi
Mar 21 Trace State Park, MS
Jason Stewart Memorial Trail
3 mi
Mar 21 Natchez Trace Parkway
Cherokee, AL to Tupelo, MS
1 mi
Feb 28 Cahaba River WMA, AL
Falling Rock Falls
2 mi
Feb 25-26 Stealth Camp in Snow, Madison, AL
+ hiking on Rainbow Mountain Trails
1.5 mi
Feb 14 Talladega National Forest, AL
Payne Lake Recreation Area
3 mi
Jan 25 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Collier Creek
3 mi
Jan 17 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Sipsey Fork [south from trailhead, exploring canyons to just before Davis Creek]
5 mi
Jan 1 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Thompson Creek [north from trailhead, exploring canyons to just before Lick Branch], TR 208
11 mi