Days Like This

How thankful I am
for a field notebook,
the open sky,
and the little dog lapping
at my heels,
seeds of wild things clinging
to her black cocker spaniel coat,
waiting to be born again elsewhere
in the spring rains,
the pines lost in their spiral daze searching
for light just now arriving,
the water rippling across the lake
from life that saw us first.

And how, this morning
I look to her and ask
"Where to next"?
her eyes saying "Any old trail!",
and we're gone.
Lulu, The Dog Wonder:

I first met The Dog Wonder in the summer of 2006 as she came strolling in from a sleepy little town in central Mississippi. Nothing but a wild-eyed pup then, her skills have refined over the years to a well seasoned trailblazer. I don't call her sidekick, though she is trusty companion. Always faithful; always ready for the next adventure.