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| 2022 adventures |

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Oct 1

Ghost River State Natural Area, TN
Mineral Slough Boardwalk
Length: 0.75mi
Sep 30-Oct 2
Big Hill Pond State Park, TN
Azalea Spring Day Loop, Dismal Slough Boardwalk, Turkey Call Trail, Big Hill Pond Trail
Length: 4.25mi
Sep 5
Henry Horton State Park, TN
Turkey Trail Loop, Ronnie Bowers Wetland Trail
Length: 3.3mi
Jul 6

Bon Aqua State Natural Area, TN
John Noel Loop
Length: 1mi
Jul 6

Bowie Nature Park, TN
Perimeter Trail, Sycamore Springs Trail, Turnbull Trail, White Pine Trail, Bluff Trail, Loplolly Loop, Lake Van Trail
Length: 4.25mi
Jun 26
Joy Gleghorn Nature Preserve, TN
unnamed trails
Length: 4mi
Apr 23
Stillhouse Hollow State Natural Area, TN
Stillhouse Hollow Falls Trail, Overlook Trail, Elk Ridge Trail
Length: 2mi
Apr 15
Beaman State Natural Area, TN
Sedge Hill Trail, Henry Hollow Loop
Length: 3.5mi
Mar 26
Hurrricane Creek Park, AL
unnamed trails
Length: 2 mi
Mar 12
Lady's Bluff State Natural Area, TN
Lady's Bluff Loop
Length: 2.25mi
Mar 12
Mousetail Landing State Park, TN
Scenic Trail
Length: 2mi
Feb 20
Bankhead National Forest, AL
off trail
Length: 4.75mi
Feb 12
Monte Sano Nature Preserve, AL
Wildflower Trail, Watts Trail, Alm's House Trail, Sinkhole Trail
Length: 1.75 mi
Jan 29
Bankhead National Forest, AL
off trail
Length: 5.5mi
Jan 15
Bankhead National Forest, AL
off trail
Length: 5.2mi