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2012 Adventures

...the year in review...
I started off the year finding Buttram Gulf and Hurricane Creek Falls, which were some of the more endurance testing and harrowing adventures I've been on. Spring brought the most lady slippers I've ever seen on a single hike (42) at Monte Sano State Park, and April had a return to the annual group camp at Tishomingo State Park. I tracked down the elusive Shirley’s Sawmill Branch Falls in Bankhead from an old map in May, then notched off a large section of the Tennessee portion of the Natchez Trace Parkway, camping along it and the scenic Duck River. Fall brought a rare hike/trip with my brother and mother to Bankhead, and I ended the year with a cold wet camp in Sipsey with The Muddy Boot Clan.

All Hiking Adventures

[Camping Trips in RED, Cabin stays in BLUE]
Date Preview Locations Length Photos Journal
Dec 28-30 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Parker Branch
2 mi
Dec 27 Monte Sano Preserve, AL
Unnamed trail, Annandale Trail, Flourish Trail, Waterline Trail, Bluffline trail
2.5 mi
Dec 2 Shoal Creek Preserve, AL
Jones Branch Trail, Lawson Branch Trail
4.5 mi
Nov 22 Monte Sano Preserve, AL
Alm's House Trail, Three Caves Quarry
4 mi
Nov 11 Monte Sano State Park, AL
Mckay Hollow Trail, South Plateau Loop
5 mi
Oct 28 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Brushy Lake Recreation Area, side canyon downstream
2.25 mi
Oct 20 Bankhead National Forest, AL
West Fork Beech Creek
2 mi
Sep 25 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Brushy Lake Recreation Area + Holmes Chapel Falls
0.5 mi
Aug 25 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Caney Creek, Brushy Lake
3 mi
Aug 11 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Randolph Trail, Featherhawk Creek
8 mi
Jul 29 Monte Sano Preserve, AL
Bluff Trail, Hotel Basin Trail
2.5 mi
Jul 21 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Rippey Trail, White Creek
8.3 mi
Jun 1-3 Natchez Trace Parkway, TN
Meriwether Lewis Site, Fall Hollow, Devil's Backbone State Natural Area, Duck River, Jackson Falls
12 mi
May 27 Bell Mountain, AL
no trail
1 mi
May 11-12 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Shirley's Sawmill Branch, Brushy Lake Recreation Area, Sougahoagdee Falls
7.25 mi
Apr 13-15 Tishomingo State Park, MS
Outcropping Trail
4 mi
Apr 7 Monte Sano State Park, AL
Goat Trail, Goat Trail Connector, Keith Trail, North Plateau Loop
4.5 mi
Mar 17 Rainbow Mountain Trails, AL
Rainbow Loop Trail, Spring Trail
1.5 mi
Mar 11-12 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Thompson Creek Trail
5 mi
Feb 3 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Braziel Creek
2 mi
Jan 28 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Eagle Creek, Little Ugly Creek, Hemlock Creek
3.75 mi
Jan 14 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Hubbard Creek, Whitman Creek, Maxwell Creek, Buttram Gulf, Basin Creek, Kinlock Shelter
7.75 mi
Jan 1 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Hurricane Creek
8.3 mi