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2011 Adventures

...the year in review...
A record snowfall in January gave me my first ever snow hike, while less than a week later I had another first: trudging across a cold Brushy Creek to help in a joint Forest Service / Wild South initiative to save a special arborglyph in danger of collapsing. Come summer I ventured to the Great Smoky Mountains and embarked on my first rafting trip down the Pigeon River, where we cowboy camped alongside. As the summer waned, I tried out hammock camping, and ventured with Dan through Quillan Creek in Sipsey, the storm damage from the April tornadoes still untouched. In November I took a trip to Arkansas to tackle the length of the Flatside Wilderness Area. That trip came with a few days of camping and exploring Hot Springs National Park. I'd end the year on the Pinhoti Trail, to satisfy a curiosity of how time had treated an old camping spot.

All Hiking Adventures

[Camping Trips in RED, Cabin stays in BLUE]
Date Preview Locations Length Photos Journal
Dec 23 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Collier Creek
3 mi
Nov 25 Talladega National Forest, AL
Pinhoti Trail FS 500 north to Terrapin Reservoir #3
8 mi
Nov 5-6 Flatside Wilderness Area, AR
Ouchita Recreation Trail
11 mi
Nov 3-5 Hot Springs National Park, AR
Gulpha Gorge Trail, Goat Rock Trail, Grand Promenade
5 mi
Oct 29 Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, AL
White Springs Dike Trail
4 mi
Oct 15 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Thompson Creek Trail, White Oak Hollow, Bee Branch
8 mi
Oct 12 Rainbow Mountain Trails, AL
Jamooko Loop Rainbow Mountain Loop
2 mi
Sep 16-17 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Quillan Creek, Hubbard Creek, Thompson Creek Trail
5 mi
Aug 20-21 Lake Chelsea, AL
LNT Trainer Course
-- mi
Aug 12-13 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Brushy Creek, Sougahoagdee Falls
3.75 mi
Jul 24 Harvest Square Preserve, AL
Beaver Dam Trail, Dry Creek Trail
2 mi
July 16-17 Cherokee National Forest, TN
Pigeon River rafting adventure
5.5 mi
Jul 16 Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN
Chimney Tops Trail
3.8 mi
Jun 11-12 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Rippey Trail, White Creek, Sipsey River Trail, Bee Branch, Randolph Trail
13 mi
May 20-21 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Caney Creek
3.5 mi
Apr 16 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Borden Creek Trail
3.25 mi
Apr 3 Monte Sano State Park, AL
McKay Hollow Trail, South Plateau Loop, Fire Tower Trail, North Plateau Loop
5 mi
Apr 2 Rainbow Mountain Trails, AL
Rainbow Mountain Loop, Spring Trail
2 mi
Mar 20 Monte Sano Preserve, AL
Alm's House Trail, Wildflower Trail
1.25 mi
Mar 19 Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, AL
Beaverdam Swamp Boardwalk, Atkeson Cypress Trail
1.5 mi
Mar 12 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Thompson Creek Trail, White Oak Hollow, Bee Branch, Sipsey River Trail
9.25 mi
Feb 27 Bankhead National Forest, AL
East Fork Beech Creek
3.75 mi
Feb 18-19 Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL
Quillan Creek, Riddle Creek
6.5 mi
Feb 5 Bankhead National Forest, AL
West Fork Beech Creek
3.5 mi
Jan 29 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Horse Creek
4 mi
Jan 23 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Upper Payne Creek
2 mi
Jan 21 Bankhead National Forest, AL
Save the Birdman!
1 mi
Jan 15 Rainbow Mountain Trails, AL
Rainbow Mountain Loop, Wild Trail
1.5 mi
Jan 1 Monte Sano Preserve, AL
Alm's House Trail, Old Railroad Bed Trail
1.5 mi