2003 Adventures

...the year in review...
My interest in biking and exploring the history of the old railroad beds that make up the Chief Ladiga Trail would lead to some interesting discoveries this year, from an open to the public cave in Weaver, AL, to trekking through the woods in Tredegar, AL finding old smelting plant ruins and a dummy rail. I'd finally get to photograph the Canyon Mouth Park at Little River Canyon, a place we visited many times growing up, and later take a trip to Georgia for my first out of state hike at Anna Ruby Falls. Clarence and I would cap of the year with a long hike on a part of the Pinhoti Trail we'd seen last year, pushing on to watch the sunset over Piedmont from the west flank of Augusta Mine Ridge.

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[Camping Trips in RED, Cabin stays in BLUE]
Date Preview Locations Length Photos Journal
Dec 24 Noccalula Falls Park, AL
Gorge Trail
1.5 mi
Dec 18 Broadwell's Mill ruins, AL
-- mi
Nov 30 Talladega National Forest, AL
Pinhoti Trail [Oakey Mountain north to Augusta Mine Ridge]
9 mi
Nov 29 Talladega National Forest, AL
Pinhoti Trail [Chief Ladiga Trail intersection southward]
5 mi
Nov 22 Weaver Cave, AL
no trails
-- mi
Nov 16 Old ruins near Tredegar, AL
no trails
1.5 mi
Sep 20 Little River Canyon Preserve, AL
Canyon Mouth Trail
2.5 mi
Sep 11-13 Unicoi State Park, GA
Anna Ruby Falls Trail, + Helen, GA & Skylake Woodlands Trails [outside of park]
2.5 mi
Feb 14-Mar 8 Old ruins near Tredegar, AL
no trail
11 mi
Feb 4 Talladega National Forest, AL
Frog Pond Wildlife Preserve Boardwalk Trail
0.25 mi
Jan 1 Weaver Cave, AL
no trails
-- mi