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2002 Adventures

...the year in review...
I finally purchased a digital camera to document adventures, and these are among the earliest of those adventures captured on digital format. Using an Argus brand camera with VGA graphics, I visited the two places in Gadsden that offer the best outdoor adventure around: Noccalula Falls Park, and the James D. Martin Wildlife Park. Id also take the time to document the entirety of the Chief Ladiga National Recreation Trail, which was my first introduction to the Talladega National Forest, and of the Pinhoti Trail. Clarence and I capped off the year by a great day hike turned night hike along one stretch.

All Hiking Adventures

[Camping Trips in RED, Cabin stays in BLUE]
Date Preview Locations Length Photos Journal
Oct 11 Talladega National Forest, AL
Pinhoti Trail [Oakey Mountain north to Terrapin Reservoir #2]
2 mi
Aug 5 Noccalula Falls Park, AL
Gorge Trail
1.5 mi
Jul 26 Noccalula Falls Park, AL
Gorge Trail
1.5 mi
Jul 12 Noccalula Falls Park, AL
Gorge Trail
1 mi
Apr 24 James Martin Wildlife Park, AL
Green Trail, Brown Trail
4 mi