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  • 12/01/07 CLT Ribbon Cutting
  • 10/21/07 Cleburne Paved
  • 10/21/02 JSU Ceremony
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  • A Virtual Bike Ride on the Chief Ladiga Trail!

    at Ice Falls, Bankhead National Forest, AL  [photos credit:  John Higginson}
    A trek in pictures...

    I have scouted out side lines, discovered old rundown factories, explored the train depot in Jacksonville and the abandoned corridor south of Dr. Mike Tucker Park. What you have here is a pretty comprehensive photographic journal of the Chief Ladiga Trail, some 400-450 photos culled from nearly 2,000 that I snapped on trips between 2002-2004.

    Since then, there have been several key events I felt needed a folder of their own: Ceremonies celebrating the completion of the JSU Campus and Cleburne County sections. There is also a folder of photos strictly of the paved section in Cleburne County. I plan to add additional galleries for the Gateway Celebration in April 2008 as well as photos from Dr. Michael Tucker Park southward to the Amtrak station, since there has been talk of extending the trail southward.

    Also, while not as pretty as some of the trail maps out there, the ones I've provided are based on the same GPS data as what was used to create those maps.

    There are some small wonders purposely left out of these galleries. I've provided enough to get a feel for the trail, but not enough to give away all it's secrets...