"Exploring..." series

The backbone of the Video Blogs, the "Exploring..." series will air each of the first three Sundays in every month, and feature and cover an entire area, or possibly even a popular loop of several trails. A compilation of video and still photography, these videos will also have little in the way of narration, as I want the audience to feel like they're hiking the hike. There will also be NO BACKGROUND MUSIC. Too many videos feature this. I want viewers to enjoy the sounds of nature, and these places in their natural state.


The Travelogues, appearing on Wednesdays, will cover short day hikes, camping trips, and/or any hike that does not encompass an entire trail system. Day hikes that are comprehensive will instead show up in the "Exploring..." series instead. These videos will likely feature narration, and be a bit more personal, either with me talking about the area, and/or adding notes as discussion along the way. As with the "Exploring..." videos, these will also feature no background music as well.